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The Guide to Passive Income

About Us

Affiliatesalary is web site blog dedicated to people pursuing financial freedom through proven and successful online platforms.  Having various sources of online income is achievable by acquiring new skills through constant learning and hard work. It’s not something that can be done easily , and requires a lot of patience and commitment . Being updated about ongoing business trends, time management, learning new skills are all important to be successful in online business. The ways to make money online are plenty! Let’s look closer at affiliate marketing ,the process of earning commissions for marketing another person’s or company’s products.

Wealthy Affiliate platform was launched  in 2005 by Kyle and Carson to help other people succeed online.

It’s a comprehensive training platform and community with built in tools that consists of content creation and keyword research software as well as advanced web hosting and domain registration.

Launch your online business, then make money sharing your secret with others. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most engaging affiliate programs available online — earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community.Wealthy affiliate is an online business training launched in 2005, specialized in affiliate training.

ShareSale now boasts close to 5,000 partners, many of  which are unique, and are widely known as being one of the most customizable and user-friendly affiliate programs. Signing up as a publisher is pretty simple. It consists of a five-step process that involves setting up a username and ID, entering your website information, email address, contact information and account/payment information. ShareSale is one of the best affiliate network to join. One can become and affiliate partner by promoting shareSale companies products through web sites or social media platforms. Additionally, merchants can substantially increase sales and profits by promoting their products through the help of affiliates.

One of the most popular is Amazon Associates where people can advertise products from on their sites and social media . Commission is earned when customers click the links and buy products from Amazon.

Ecommerce platforms such as shopify, weebly, woocommerce have transformed the lives of many people providing the ways to run business from anywhere in the world. Online work is not bound to one location , it gives the flexibility to run your business from any country  in the world . The opportunity to work from remote location and travel the world have transformed the lives of millions entrepreneurs.

SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated hosting providers. it reports servicing more than 1,800,000 domains worldwide. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers as well as email hosting and domain registration. SiteGround ranks near the top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speeds (713ms). SiteGround flawless installation with WordPress  makes it a favorite hosting provider for companies and bloggers around the world. Exceptional customer support, great performance and affordable prices are unbeatable in the industry

JVZOO is one of the largest affiliate networks where marketers can promote JVZOO Products on their web sites blogs. There are many products to choose from that have a high sell & commission rate. It’s primarily focused on digital products such as software, digital services, online courses. The company was founded in 2001, and since then it’s established a track record for being among the most successful and trustworthy affiliate programs in the world ! The platform offers tools that proven to bring great commission such as sales funnel. JVZOO pays for every sale , instantly through PayPal ! domain was registered in 2011-03-28, while JVZoo was launched to the public in 2012. JVZoo is a subsidiary of BBC Systems, Inc which was founded by E. Brian Rose, Chad Casselman and Bryan Zimmerman. The main headquarter of the company is in Oviedo, Florida, United States and has offices in Mississippi and South Carolina

Freelance work  through sites like Fiverr is a very lucrative way to make online income by applying your skills and knowledge. There are many online platforms through which people can make income working flexible schedules from comfort of their home .

Internet work opportunities are plenty, but it can become a challenge when there is a lack of skills or knowledge, and key directions are lacked or missing. That is why Affiliatesalary was founded to guide passionate minds who seek financial freedom as we take you exclusively on a journey through earning daily income using online platforms. Some of the ways we show you on here is how to get started with building a website  or blog using popular platforms such as wix  and WordPress. Offering your services on platforms such  as Fiverr by applying your work skills and talents such as music, foreign language tutoring, fitness training, graphic and web design and many others.

Ecommerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, Poshmark are great examples where entrepreneurs from around the world run successful businesses.

Wix offers an easy drag-and-drop site builder to create websites. There are many free templates available. Wix provides its own web hosting as well as domain names .The Wix makes it easy to add various features such as photo galleries, chat, ecommerce and blog functionalities. Building web site on wix platform is a pretty smooth process. The wix platform is a great alternative to other web site builders such as weebly, squarespace, wordpress. Clients can choose free plan with wix subdomain, or pay for a premium plan where custom domain can be selected . Wix sitebuilder offers great library of design elements and themes. The company was founded in 2006 with the goal to empower anyone to easily create their own website , now it has over 100 million users worldwide.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services.The company provides a two sided platform where people are able to buy and sell a variety of digital services typically offered by freelance contractors. The convenience of platform is that it allows companies and individuals to directly  negotiate terms and refine ideas. Graphic and web design are among the most popular services provided. Fiverr holds the cost of the project until it is complete. After the work is done the funds are released to seller once buyer confirms that the order is complete. If client is not satisfied with the work performed ,refund is issued. Fiverr is one of the cheapest and most reliable freelance sites. With free registration and gigs starting at just $5 and ranging up to $500, Fiverr has become the largest freelance platforms in the world. Clients can leave a review for the seller, by offering a 5-star evaluation on the likes of communication and service level.

Another proven way is affiliate marketing which entails promoting products by describing and reviewing the products and linking to those products through affiliates. Also, companies and manufacturers can advertise their products through platforms like Clickbank , the largest marketplace for digital products.

Our Major Focus

We focus extensively on various online income generating topics .There is abundance of different online business niches that can generate life-changing wealth. To begin making something through an affiliate, it involves having your site while you send your traffic to someone else’s website to buy their services or products. It is of worthy note that every sale initiated by a link from the site you build earn you a percentage as an affiliate sales commission. To get ongoing, you must be able to discover a viable target market and identify the main points of this target audience first while you come up with a suitable affiliate offer solution. Your success at marketing any business brand will surely make more brands come for your services with the original brand on your call and eventually invite others.

Notable Steps We Teach You to Get You Running A Successful Affiliate Marketing

The first step you need to know before you venture into affiliate marketing is to create a blog or design a website for your affiliate product which you can place links of products or services you want to recommend to people. One of the best hosting services is offered by Siteground with over 2 million domains.

At Affiliatesalary, we will guide you  through various online platforms and give your tools to find your business niche.  Our goal is to help people equip with necessary knowledge and skills to be better prepared for a successful online business career . It is important for people to choose an area that they are familiar with or one that they are enthusiastic about learning, as they may be more likely to do that work and be passionate about it for a long-term success.

3commas is a cryptocurrency trading bot that helps improve the trade quality by giving the trader the right control and features they need to maximize their passive cryptocurrency trading profits. 3commas currently supports the following exchanges :Coinbase,Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, KuCoin, and Poloniex . It’s recommended not  enable the withdrawal feature on 3commas when creating API for any exchange.
Traders can set stop-losses or take-profit options. For instance, the position  can be set at a price of $10 and take-profit at $11. It means that when the price reaches $11, your position will close, and you will earn $1. 3 commas provides a wide range of useful tools and services for users to choose from. It performs real-time market analysis using powerful algorithms for getting you the best trades possible.One of the most great features of 3commas is Stop loss, it helps you sell your assets when the loss percentage reaches a threshold value, say you buy a currency for $500, and you set your stop-loss value at 10%, your bot will automatically sell your assets if the prices fall below $450. This helps you avoid major losses in the market. 3commas offers an impressive referral rate, and your friends get a 10 percent discount off their 3Commas service.

Affibank platform is a comprehensive and categorized affiliate programs marketplace. Most of the offers pay affiliates a whopping 75% commissions on sales.

With diverse affiliate networks having the primary objective of connecting merchants with affiliate site publishers who can help sell their goods, we assist you in finding products and services to promote while you learn how to master them. Companies such as Clickbank, Shareasale, JVZoo,  Affibank are the best and proven affiliate platforms.

 Major Sources of Affiliate Sites

We focus majorly on two main business models or approaches to choose from when setting up an affiliate marketing site and this approaches help you to determine your spaces, clients and how to carry out tasks. The first approach is Resource Sites which offers lots of how-to posts articles and then give banner ads or affiliate links to click for more details. You have the opportunity to frequently add new related content which is necessary to give people reason to return to your site and click some of your profit-generating links. The second approach is Review Sites, and this site involves testing the products in your niche then you write and rate them to help your site visitors make a vise product purchase. Here you don’t need much content, but fewer updates are necessary to tweak your site about once a week and let the search engines understand your sites are constantly updated while you always try to build links.

There are also PPC affiliate programs that pay a lot less than programs where your referral must result in a sale. Keep in mind that a site showered with ads with no authority or trust can look like spam and you may not get good results. With these approaches, you have four ways to attract more potential customers and get more site exposure which includes Paid Advertising, Free Advertising, Article Marketing, and E-mail Marketing.

Learn The Ropes in Forums

With detailed explanations showing how to make passive income using affiliate as an avenue, we have proved to be dedicated to building finance nerds  and productivity experts with sheer determination in reaching a groundbreaking goal as we teach and direct you towards a career path which is sure of bringing more than enough to the table. it is crucial for to employ a mix of marketing tactics to increase traffic–highly targeted traffic–to your site.

Join an online society of like-minded people who exchange ideas and insights. Ensure you join our free affiliate marketing forums to benefit from advice shared by other starters, intermediates and gurus alike.. The more you genuinely enjoy what you’re immersed in, the more likely you are to transform your money-making and affiliate marketing venture into a huge success.

Join Poshmark, market favorite app to buy & sell fashion. Save up to 70% off top brands! For a limited time, use code INSTANTDEALNOW to save $10

Teespring is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork. Check out great designs click now

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosts providers started in 1996. It now hosts more than 2 million websites from all over the world. Being one of the most reliable and fast hosting providers , bluehost offers different plans for all types of websites. It offers easy interface and tools to work with. The most important feature is the seamless integration with WordPress website builder. Bluehost’s control panel provides SEO based services and CloudFlare integration. Most plans come with unlimited disk storage and bandwidth. Bluehost offers the following hosting types: Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Web Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, VPS Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting,Reseller Web Hosting. The company provides one of the best in the industry customer support and great hosting infrastructure. The provider excels in security features such as an IP address blacklist, password protected directories, email account and user account filters. Bluehost tops the charts in server hosting , it offers fantastic performance at competitive prices. Unlimited email accounts come with all shared hosting plans, every account is backed up daily. Bluehost offers one of the best backend in the industry called cPanel for all their accounts. We definitely recommend Bluehost for personal and small business websites !

Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels is one of the best programs for affiliate marketers . Promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate offers  40% recurring commissions. It is a  landing page builder that easily integrates with  payments systems such as Stripe, Paypal, and other types of payment processors. You can earn money online in many different ways, and Clickfunnels can help you reach your goals. ClickFunnels is not a get rich quick scheme – it’s a tool to help you reach your customers and sell more products. It offers an ability to to build your own membership site , landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, sales funnels. Essentially, clients are presented with tools to market and sell  products online, without having to employ expensive developers. ClickFunnels also offers many advanced elements like: SMS Signup /Surveys/ Pricing Tables/ Progress Bars/ FAQ Blocks/ Countdown Timers/ Custom HTML. ClickFunnels is the best choice to build landing pages and web sites. ClickFunnels presents a lot of tools to choose from which various platforms  can be integrated , such as shopify, zapier and wordpress. Clickfunnels is essentially a funnel creation application. Funnels can be characterized  to act as lead generation or as conversion tool. ClickFunnels gives you a design option that is focused to convert visitors. Websites are not as effective at getting conversions and more complicated on technical side. The system is build with Autoresponders, Payment Systems, Upsells or Down sells.  Sign up for Clickfunnels to test product &services in desired target market and start earning revenue .

Robinhood Markets Inc, referenced informally as Robinhood, is a U.S.-based financial services company headquartered in Menlo Park, California. The company offers the Robinhood smartphone mobile app, which allows individuals to invest in public companies and exchange-traded funds listed on U.S. stock exchanges without paying a commission. Robinhood serves as a solid trading platform for people who need to get a trade done at the lowest possible cost. Robinhood offers trading stocks, ETFs, options, and even cryptocurrency. Robinhood transfers money into an account immediately. By using instant verification with major banks, Robinhood allows  investors to avoid the long time of traditional verification, such as reporting tiny deposits into investor’s bank account. Moreover, Robinhood can move up to $1,000 of any deposit into the account instantaneously ! Robinhood charges zero commission for US stock, options, and crypto trading. The standard Robinhood account requires no minimum deposit. Robinhood’s web trading platform is easy to use, and provides great user experience and design features. The trading platform is one of  the most popular free investment tools available in the market, and it has a wide range of features that are intended for people who have never invested before.

Amazon associates

The Amazon affiliate program, also called “Amazon Associates” can be an easy way to monetize your website or blog. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place Amazon affiliate links on your site today.


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