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ShareASale has been around for a long time. They have always been know for their affiliate marketing network. The technology that is used by this network is accurate, efficient, and offers high speeds. ShareASale has a reputation for being honest and fair. They are ranked highly within their industry. Anyone who wants to check out more about ShareASale can do so at anytime on the website. For questions or concerts, you can contact ShareASale. They have friendly customer service representatives that will help you out and answer your questions.

ShareASale is based out of Chicago, Illinois. Affiliates will get paid commissions based on the sales that they make. If you become an affiliate marketer with ShareASale, you will be able to pick out of over 2,500 programs that you would like to make commissions off from. You should also know that there is a huge network of merchants that ShareASale operates with.

Merchants who choose to operate with ShareASale can increase their customer base by doing so. Any merchant who is looking to expand their customer base and continue getting repeat customers will want to work with an affiliate marketing network. The merchant gets to decide the structure of commissions that the affiliates through ShareASale will make from their company. The merchant doesn’t have to pay a commission to ShareASale.

Affiliates who choose to participate with ShareASale can make money off direct sales from the links they post. If someone purchases something from the link they have posted, they can get a commission off that sale. Affiliates are able to pick from the merchants they want to refer. This way you don’t have to refer or recommend companies that you don’t want to. At any time, affiliates are able to go to the ShareASale website and check on their earnings and stats.

It is very simple to get started using ShareASale. Merchants and affiliates can go to the website and submit their application. They will then receive an email from ShareASale with their welcome package. ShareASale will give HTML referral banners and links to the affiliates. There is not a cost to sign up as an affiliate either. Merchants will become a part of ShareASale within 2 business days after they sign up. There is a fee to sign up for this merchant program.

With ShareASale, some of the benefits are affiliate quality control, real-time tracking, timely payments for commissions that have been earned, and much more.