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Wix offers a drag and drop website builder. Individuals and small businesses have been utilizing Wix services for many years. This platform has hundreds of templates for free. They also have web hosting services including free and paid domain names. The Wix layouts are well-designed and great for restaurants, small businesses, artists, and online stores.

For those who need help with the technical aspects of creating a website, with Wix, the fundamentals of the website are already created. The website owner just has to put everything together. Most people find Wix very easy to navigate and use. Novices even find this platform simple and convenient.

Wix does provide a regular website builder for those who want to do more from scratch. They offer wide flexibility of professional-looking designs for all niches. It is possible to get the ad-free website plan from Wix.

Wix is available in 16 different languages and it is possible to create a multilingual website, as well. Website owners are even able to get their own domain name. Anyone looking to create a website with under 30 pages could benefit from using Wix. Apps and widgets could be added to the website, too. Google AdSense can be integrated into websites that are created. Wix also offers e-commerce options.

Website owners can edit their page titles, alt tags, and meta descriptions for SEO purposes. Wix even provides more advanced tools for improving SEO. Those who are looking to create a blog can do this on Wix, as well. An easy-to-use contact form builder is available with Wix. This way any individuals or business owners who want people to be able to easily contact them can do this through their website.

The results that people are able to get by using the Wix platform are extensive and impressive. For anyone that isn’t quite sure how to build a website from scratch can benefit from using Wix. With the premade templates, easy-to-add widgets, and flexibility of the platform, this website builder could be great for anyone. Artists, restaurant owners, small business owners, and others can all benefit from using Wix to create their website.